Rainy Day and Nothing Cookin’

I have two days off and D is out of town. No cooking being done now. Instead, I’m kind of experiencing a diet/cooking rebellion. I’ve eaten fast food two days in a row. I know, I know … BAD. There are times though when I don’t feel like cooking. I managed to get to Louisville yesterday to shop at Trader Joe’s. I love their chocolate covered banana’s. So, I bought two boxes. I kind of hope D doesn’t enjoy them because he’ll have them devoured before I can blink. He is an eating machine! I also bought a case of their Three Buck Chuck. Now I can cook with it without worrying I’m using some of D’s expensive wines.

I also made my monthly pilgrimage to Aldi’s. I love their Costa Rican blend coffee. They also have their annual Stollen in stock. Yum. You may say it’s a fruit cake but it’s SO much more than that. I bought it for Thanksgiving, which you may say is too early but they’re designed to last a long time and it’s hidden away so that we’ll be less tempted to dive in until next week. I’m really hoping D won’t enjoy it.

It turns out Mom and Dad are coming here for Thanksgiving! Yippee! I was afraid I wouldn’t get to cook with her this year. Now I need to figure out what we’ll eat. I also need to buy a turkey. It can’t be too big because I don’t have a pan big enough to cook one in. Hmm … what to do, what to do. I’ve registered for one at BB&B but that’s not for another year. Perhaps Mom will bring hers.

I guess it’s time to get out the cookbooks.

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