Less about cooking and more about Thanksgiving …

If I had a lot of disposable income would I be more inclined to enjoy “Black Friday?” I hope not. I stand by my belief that there is nothing on this earth that I need so desperately that I’m willing to be at a department store at 4:30 a.m. (or earlier). I love people and being around them, so I don’t want to fight you for a $20 waffle maker. I’d rather pay more for it and not have to hassle with a throng of crazy people for it. Black Friday is an awful example of how the media has trained us to be a lover of THINGS and not each other. Even if you’re entire family goes to the store to buy these things … it’s less about being together than the “things”.  Maybe I’m bitter because rather than getting to spend the day with my family, I have to work at a place that encourages you to grow more debt and buy those things. Thanks Wall Street.

Okay, okay … I am so thankful that my parents are going to drive 16 hours round trip to spend one day with me. I’m thankful that I have a beautiful man who loves me beyond reason who has provided me with an amazing home. I have family who despite differences and the usual disagreements love one another. I have two lovely cats who bring me immense joy. I have a faith that is solid and has given me friends beyond numbering. I suppose I’m the one being greedy wanting to spend more time with them rather than a bunch of crazy shopping people.

I have employment. No, it doesn’t pay for much more than gas to and from the site. I have  to change my attitude and be thankful for that. No one else has been inclined to hire me so I at least am good for manual labor if not intellectual.

This Thanksgiving I will be preparing a traditional dinner for my darling fiance, his kids and my parents. I am so blessed to have the resources to do so. I am blessed to have these amazing people in my life. They have encouraged, supported and blessed me abundantly. It’s amazing to me that in a time of such blessing I have still found something to grumble about.

I hope that all those I love will have the same blessing. I hope that those who choose to shop will as well. All those “things” they buy can’t replace the blessing of home, family and a well cooked turkey.

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