Living in a new place is many things . . .

I have lived in Kentucky for six months now. I have a lovely home, a beautiful man, and blessings abound. I want for nothing but a job and new friends. It’s frustrating to know that I have skills and value but can’t convince anyone else of that. Yes, I have my passions but I also have a need to work and ultimately I’m not that picky about what I do for emplyement. I want to be of value, use the professional skills I’ve developed and support my hobbies.

Speaking of which, last October I planted some crocus and tulips. It’s the end of February and they are already coming up. I hope a freeze doesn’t get them. I’m amazed they’re coming up at all but I would have liked them to come up when they were supposed to.  I’m anxious to get started on my garden. I bought a giant book on gardening and I’m learning more about planting vegetables. I’m going to start slow but I hope to grow some cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, green beans, potatoes and perhaps even some corn.

Speaking of gardening, I’m thinking of applying at the local green house. This will function to teach me more about planting (especially her in Kentucky).

I realize this blog is rather boring and I haven’t said a single informative thing. Nor have I made you laugh. I’ll work on that. I will say that I’m probably going to get in trouble with D because I opened a bottle of wine that was probably one he wanted to save. It’s delicious. I mean YUMMY!

Guess I’ll get back to cooking this weekend for D. I’ll keep you updated.

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