Just trying to figure it out …

… What the heck I’m supposed to do with my life. Right now I feel kind of paralyzed. It’s not an uncommon feeling. I guess I’ve felt that way most of my life. Some parts of my life really are working great. D and I are just so happy. It’s amazing. He’s trying so hard to make me feel at home here. To prove this point this weekend he surprised me by getting a new faucet and light fixture for the kitchen. Look . . .

They're part a leafy theme we have going here in the Venetian copper style. Eventually we'll replace the sink, counters, cabinets and flooring.










Also, the bulbs I planted in October are blooming. They’re so pretty. Check them out . . .

I'm pretty sure it's a crocus ... but don't hold me to it.








I did something today that may come back to haunt me. I applied for the daytime show The Revolution. I need a revolution in my weight, my style, and most especially my career. Something has to change and I’m at a loss for how to make it happen. The one thing I know for sure is I know how to keep on keepin’ on … whether it’s healthy or not. I’ll let you know if they responded.

For dinner last night I made curried turkey burgers. Yummee! I served them with Major Grey’s Mango Chutney on whole wheat buns. They were so good! Of course now, the house reeks of curry. I love curry!

So, it’s a new day and a new week. I’ve joined a hiking club in Louisville. Tomorrow is my first hike. I’m hoping this will translate into new friends and some physical fitness. The wedding is getting closer and my waistline is not shrinking fast enough.

Press on. Keep learning. Eat well folks!

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