I may have found my “exercise” niche . . .

Yes, sometimes I feel like I'll fall on my head.

For years I’ve done yoga at home just following a dvd or video. Last night I went to my first “class”. What a joy it was. Painful at times, yes but so calming and relaxing. I think I have found my niche. My body was made for this stretching and control. Once I get my strength back my knees may even stop hurting so much. It’s honestly the only exercise I look forward to doing. It doesn’t feel like exercise to me though. It’s more like a fine tuning you do to your body, connecting your mind to your body so they can work better together. I suppose that aspect of it makes it feel spiritual. It does make me want to pray while I do it and not just to ask God not to let me die while

Most of the time it makes me feel strong

contorted into a crazy position but since we are triumvirate beings, this gets me working on all three levels simultaneously. It connects all three in a way that running, elliptical, or weight training does not. Simply put, it never feels like work the way other exercised do. I realize I’ll still have to get my “cardio” in but if this frees me from having to go back to that tedious weight lifting trying to remember my reps and sets … AMEN!

This was the second adventure I’ve had on my own since I moved here. That sounds sad, huh? Tuesday I went hiking with a group at a beautiful place in Louisville called Iroquois Park, map. Here’s a view from the summit of the park.

You can see for miles into Indiana and over the entire city.

We climbed up this staircase which was quite a heart pumper for this out of shape lump.

I can't wait to see the park in summer time when it's all green again






So this is what I’m really looking forward to about Kentucky. It’s so beautiful. It’s so wild in many places with giant hills and forests to explore. Many of the parks encircle these hills so not only do you get a versatile work out but a scenic one as well. I can’t wait for my friends to come see it.

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