Up to no good …

Well, boredom is about to kill me. I cleaned my firearm this afternoon. I’ve done laundry. I made the bed with clean sheets and now … rather than work out … I’m baking. WTF? I am experimenting with molasses. Oatmeal, raisin, with browned butter, and molasses cookies. The batter tastes great. RICH but lovely. The cookies themselves are still in the oven. I’m afraid I haven’t used enough flour but I always think that so I’m trusting that once baked they will be fine. I hate crunchy cookies. I like my cookies soft and chewy and occasionally cake-y. Mmmm . . . cake.

Derek is going to kill me. Oven timer is chiming … be right back with the results.

Oatmeal, Raisin, Browned Butter and Molasses Cookies

WOW! They are rich and and chewy. If I make them again I’ll definitely add more flour. I think they’ll be better if they’re cake-y.

mmmmmmmm . . .

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