I have been busy the last few days . . .

Thanks to the springtime weather in March. Can you believe I’m wearing shorts in March? Amazing. I know, I know what a scintillating blog, she’s talking about the weather. I apologize but I love spring and it inspires me to get outside and plant and mow and exercise. I do have a wedding coming up in September that I am in no way ready for. In fact, I have gained weight since I bought my dress NOT lost weight. Thank goodness for spring and summer coming. I can get my sweat on so much better then.

So, what has kept me busy, you ask? Well, I mowed our nearly one acre yard with a non-propelled mower. It took nearly three hours and I was so worn out by the end of the night I could barely move. Talk about good exercise. It was exhausting but rewarding once completed.

Yesterday I traversed my four mile walk and burned up some calories plus started to work on my summertime tan. Which basically consists of a sunscreen farmers tan. I’m no teenager anymore. God made me white, why fight it? Following that, my plan was to put up my hammock and kick back for a bit but upon setting the beast up I realized I was missing a part and therefore needed to run the Lowe’s, where I found fresh herbs and flowers to buy and had to have them. I bought and planted basil, lavender, spinach, poesy’s and snapdragons, all my favorites.

Snapdragons from my previous garden.

I also bought some zinnia’s seeds to plant but I’m not sure where I’ll put them yet. I’d like them in front but that means I have to talk D into that and he’s so finicky about stuff . . . We shall see.

Today I fertilized my lawn again, I’m trying to kill the damn onions growing rampantly throughout our entire lawn. The little buggers are a pain and really stink up the place when you mow. I’m told it’s nearly impossible to get rid of them unless you dig them up and let me tell you … I would have to just dig up the entire lawn to do that and D say’s absolutely not. So … I’ll do what I can and we’ll see what happens.

I did manage to get the hammock up and it’s a beautiful morning, I should be out there now enjoying the beautiful weather before the rain sets in. Here is the view from my hammock. It’s so much nicer than my previous back yard.

The view from my hammock.











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