I love spring, have I said that before?

Here’s why . . .  First of all, I can exercise outside. Yesterday I found a lovely place to do just that, even though it’s twenty miles away from here. Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is an actual forest where there are a multitude of paths, hiking and biking trails, and vistas to explore. There is a bridge overlook that extends out the side of the precipice to give you an amazing view.


I tried to walk out to the end but a damn bumble bee was blocking my path and yes, I know I’m much larger and scarier than him but I deferred to his territory anyway. Besides, the trees are still mostly brown and the view (although lovely) will be that much more lovely once the world has turned completely green. I will be going back regularly.  They have an amazing facility where they educate and grow a full range of trees, shrubs, flowers and I was told there’s a prairie portion that blooms entirely of Black Eyed Susan’s. Cool. I can’t wait to see that. In the mean time, the ground cover was blooming very nicely and I took a picture of one flower at a cemetery tucked away on a hillside there. Really, it’s an amazing place. I’m so glad I found it.

I love this little wild flower. I don't know what it's called but it is lovely.









Second reason:  Well, the flowers of course. Nothing inspires happiness more than flowers. I especially love those I grow myself.  I am still amazed that my tulips are blooming and I have some really pretty ones. I especially love this one.

Once again I'm not sure which variety this is but it's so beautiful.

The third reason: The world is once again turning green, thank you Lord! Fall and winter are so drab and cold. I’m a spring/summer gal all the way. I like the world green and blue. So I guess it’s fitting that I’ve moved to the Bluegrass state. I took this photo last summer in Lexington.

Serenity and bliss ...

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