A new look … anyone notice?

I changed the layout and design of my blog and wonder if anyone will notice. My “brand” isn’t exactly established so I’m pretty sure it won’t be too much of a shock. I like this more clean look anyway. If I get to the point where I have more than 10 followers I may set up my own site with an actual design sense.

I’m also thinking about Thanksgiving dinner. My sister is coming, possibly with her fella. I’m not keen to making a big turkey for four. I’m actually considering Lasagna. D want’s a lemon meringue pie I want red velvet cake. Maybe we’ll just have sweets. I want to do something very non-traditional. Perhaps Pinterest should dictate the meal. There are always so many pretty foods on display. In fact, I block most food pages because all that food drives me to distraction. I’m hungry enough on my own, looking at all those tasty dishes it simply too much.

I miss spring, flowers, Kansas City and friends. Here’s a picture to cheer.

Black-eyed Susan’s cheer me up!

2 thoughts on “A new look … anyone notice?

  1. Nice clean layout. Looks good. I was going to ask what you use but now I see it’s WordPress. Does the blog live in the WordPress world, or can you like have a Yahoo web site and use WordPress for the blog, or use eBlogger or is WordPress something like eBlogger? I need to get something going one of these days. Have a website registered on Yahoo. But I want to make it like a blog that I can add to all the time.


    • I’m kind of new to the blogging world but I’m pretty sure WordPress can do all of the things you mention here. I use their free version which is somewhat limited. I’m waiting to see what kind of success I have with this blog before I commit to more money. I’m actually thinking of designing my own site on Squarespace.com. It’s affordable and very user friendly. WordPress is a community though and seems to be good about helping to build an audience. Thanks for following my blog and responding!

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