Finally …

A produce market that sold the most amazing peaches. Yum!

Most of my cognitive life I have dreamt of going to Europe. I’m not exactly sure when this notion came to me ┬ábut I imagine it has something to do with a love of history my father instilled in me and the history classes themselves in grade school. I can remember seeing Pompeii in textbooks and the casts of the people they found. I loved Greek and Roman mythology and fantasized about traveling to these exotic locales to explore and excavate them myself.

My new husband made my dreams come true by being my Prince Charming and by sweeping me off my feet to a fantasy honeymoon in Paris, Firenze, Amalfi, Capri and finally Roma. It was perfect. We took our time exploring the famous cities which are so ripe with tourist fruit. To try to see every museum, palace, cathedral and historical landmark would, to us, have been folly. We walked around Paris holding hands, taking pictures, kissing, laughing and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

Here are a few of the nearly 5000 pictures we took. I realize no one will enjoy seeing them as we had taking them but some are quite beautiful and when you’re in such amazing cities and countryside every step is a photo-op, right?

Sacre Couer – fantastic!

I really fell in love with all of the gargoyles. I’d never given them much thought until I actually saw some.

This is a fountain in front of Sacre Couer. I was fascinated by the way the water fell over this character. He really is working hard to hold up this weight.

Me at Montmartre, Paris, France.

I took this photo at Versailles. The gardens truly are remarkable.

Amalfi, Italy was our favorite. It is not a place for the infirm or weak kneed. If you have the means … go.

There were dogs and cats everywhere. The cats were generally homeless. I’m not sure about the dogs, they all seemed well cared for.