A new start. A new day. A new hobby.

I never imagined that I possessed even a modicum of artistic skill or talent. It’s never been a hobby or interest I seriously considered. While being an admirer of painting, sculpting, drawing and what not I never imagined I could be one myself. I’ve never really thought I had talent or skill of any kind. Well, except for cooking and I suppose the only “artistic” endeavor I’ve considered was writing. Although, I grew up playing the piano and had the ability to play by ear. In fact, I remember how dissapointed my instructor was when I quit playing. Yeah, I could kick myself for that decision.

So, over the last few months I realized I needed to do something with my free time (besides watch TV). I needed to use my brain for good. Cooking is all well and good but too much of it makes the backside big and well I have plenty of that. About six months ago I participated in a painting workshop. You know the kind … with wine, food, and paint. The instructor was obnoxious and overbearing but I learned that I might actually enjoy painting and with some instruction could possibly be okay at it. With the encouragment from a new friend I have begun to paint and sketch. Granted I am not great nor will anyone be chomping at the bit to buy any of my work but it is such a nice way to spend time. I find great peace in just spreading the paint on the canvas. Many times I paint over what I start and even that has something satisfying about it.

Mostly I’ve been painting animals like birds, cows, and elephants. I also now spend an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest looking for inspiration. I watch YouTube videos for instruction. It’s a great way to while away the cold wintery days.

Here are a few of my attempts…