They said it was good for my fingernails . . .

I was reading an article online about how eating Swiss Chard three times a week will make your fingernails stronger. So off to the store I went. I found some Rainbow Chard at  Whole Foods. It looked so pretty and green with dark red stems. I couldn’t wait. Upon returning home I searched my cookbooks and internet for tantalizing recipes. They all looked similar and from the recesses of my mind I had visions of my grandmother cooking greens with bacon grease and fried eggs. Rather than following a single recipe I decided to improvise. Of course I fried up some bacon (three strips), browned some pine nuts, onions and chopped dates in the bacon grease then threw in the stems. Once they all started to soften I added the chopped leaves and garlic. I cooked them until they “wilted”.

It was so very tasty. Well, except for the stems. To me they taste a bit like dirt, very earthy. The leaves are wonderful … next time I’ll leave the stems out. Oh and I took a picture. The steak I cooked looks sad so don’t judge.

Try it you'll like it. Just skip the stems.


Today I made Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. OH MY GOODNESS. If you haven’t tried this recipe then you just have never baked cookies before. They are hands down the VERY best cookies I have ever had. Ever!

I really did bake these! They are perfect!

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