So very …

My life over the last year and a half has been so very, well actually … very. I don’t have words to describe exactly how it’s been. Very love-filled. Very fairy-tale-like. Very exciting. Very transformative. Very different. Very new. Very much unexpected. I fell in love with an old love. I moved to a new part the country. I got married (something I thought would never happen). I went to Paris, Firenze AND Amalfi, Italy (something I truly thought was only a dream!). My life is blessed.

For most of my life, as a single woman, I was blessed with many things. I have had an abundance of truly good friends who are more like sisters. I have a family who loves each other, despite our differences and failings. I never went without things but money was something I did not have a lot of. If I needed something I had to budget for it and there was no guarantee I would be able to get it. Buying the latest, greatest of anything just wasn’t an option. I bought clothes at thrift stores, discount stores or I went without.

My new life hasn’t changed how I buy but it has changed my ability to buy. It’s a change that I’m still not accustomed to and hope never to be. I’m thrifty because it’s smart to be so but it is nice to have options and access to quality rather than, “it’s better than nothing”.

So now I’m living a new life. I’m searching for my place in this new life. I’ll be searching for a job, a church, a social life and a place to contribute in my new community. I have been on this journey for a year now but for the last year I have focused on learning how to be a wife, homemaker, wedding and honeymoon. The reality is I don’t know where I fit in here in Elizabethtown but I’m gonna have to find a way to do it.

And now for something completely different which is actually food related.

I went to Italy for my honeymoon. I learned how to cook pasta. Wow. The. Best. Pasta. Ever. Bucatini. I also learned just how much better food is when it’s FRESH. All the restaurants served fresh food, freshly made pasta, bread, sauces, seafood and meat.

Bucatini – it’s a like a fat spaghetti with a whole in the middle.

Now I’m on a quest to buy this type of pasta here in the states. I also may actually try to make some pasta. It’s so much better when it’s fresh. Also, Guinness tastes so much better in London than it does here. Maybe that’s just a psychological affect or maybe it’s really better.

I’ve wondered also whether this blog is a good thing, helpful thing, interesting thing, needed thing. What makes my blog worth reading when there are literally thousands of food bloggers out there doing this much better than I do? Ultimately, I do it as an outlet. As a way to have a conversation when there’s no one else to talk to. I don’t know what the end user experiences (those few that I have). I can’t see it from there eyes. I like to think I have an affinity for writing and communicating things I know about. The one thing I know most about is cooking which is sadly not very much. I’m learning as I do this. I’ll hopefully inspire someone else to either learn to cook or to step out in life to do what they know how to do. Just like most people, I want to have a positive affect on this life and do something worthwhile. Maybe this is a way for me to do that.

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