Badly Breaking … is more like it.

. . . we need new furniture anyway. I finally took off the blue toenail polish from my wedding day. Last night D said … “it’s really ugly, when are you going to take it off?” So, while watching an episode of “Breaking Bad” I figured I’d do something productive and strip it off. I didn’t know I was also taking off the varnish on the coffee table. SHIT!

So much for Old English furniture polish fixing blemishes.

I promise I was being very careful not to let this happen but apparently not enough.  So, now I’ll be headed to Lowe’s to find some way of fixing this mess. Sometimes I feel so stupid. Does anyone else have “father-like” fear of their husband? I know he won’t “kill” me but he most certainly will give me a crap-ton of grief over this. Well, since my wonderful hubby is out of town all week and I have to find ways to fill my days and evenings. I most certainly shouldn’t be having a “Breaking Bad” marathon so I suppose I’ll find some trails to explore and search the internet endlessly for employment. Damn, I need friends in this town. When he’s out of town I get so lonely.

Okay … now off to my domesticity! Have a great day ya’ll!

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