Who is this MJ person anyway?

Thanks to a determined and rather romantic father I’m Rachel Mary Jane Watkins. I’m your average middle aged woman who’s been laid off from a job that was, well, less than a dream job. I’m having zero luck breaking back into the corporate world and so I’m searching for career fulfillment in other ways.

Since I love to cook and I’m actually doing a lot of it for my new husband (who shall be called D) and I seem to influence the people around me and their culinary choices I thought, why not give this cooking for a business a go.

So here I go. Come along. It will be fun!

2 thoughts on “Who is this MJ person anyway?

  1. Hey, lady – as usual, I lag on current events, and didn’t know you were out on the entrepreneurial limb. Congrats & good luck! Also glad you’re still enjoying married life – it’s refreshing to see someone our age still enamored and enthused with The Institution. 🙂

    Be well,

  2. Hey there Mr. Hom! I’ve been listening to your music! You sound great! I can remember many weekends jamming with you and Ray. Thanks for following. I’m not making money and I haven’t fleshed out all the $ details but there’s hope and maybe someday I’ll figure out how to turn my hobby into cash! Say hello to the Mrs! xoxo

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