Greetings and Salutations!

I’m having a career crisis. I’ve been rejected again by the corporate world. Another interview gone wrong. I may be slow but I’m beginning to believe that the corporate world isn’t for me. So, what’s a gal supposed to do? I guess get out there and do what she knows she does well.

What do I do well? Hmmm … let’s see. Well, I’m a great cook and I’m a passable writer so how about starting a blog about cooking. I may even include some insights about domesticity. We’ll just have to see about that latter portion.

I have recently become engaged to the man of my dreams and we are living together. I have discovered that I truly love taking care of him and our home. It brings me a peace that I might have been ashamed to admit to a few years ago. I was so committed to portraying the “happy singleton” that I would have denied ever being able to live a simple domestic life. Perhaps it’s too soon to tell but thus far, I’m having a blast.

That doesn’t change the fact that I need to make some money. I’ve been working part-time in the retail world and there are things I enjoy about it but there are also things I don’t enjoy. Such as working really hard on my feet for $7.25 an hour. There must be a better way. What I do enjoy about my job is helping people with their kitchen decisions. I know kitchens and I know what to do in them. If a customer comes in with a question about what’s the best cookware to use for a roast chicken. I can tell them. I have experience with that.

So, I’m off. Off to create a new life for myself. D and I will embark on our life’s journey together and I will invent a path for myself as well. It’s been an adventure thus far. I’m sure the rest will be too.


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